Don't waste time on what doesn't work.
​​​​​​​Learn EXACTLY what you need for your next book launch.


There are a number of strategies for launching books. But what you REALLY need to know is what works and what will waste your time. 

  • What are the different kinds of book launches? 
  • How are nonfiction and fiction launches different?  
  • How will launches look different if you release rapidly or more slowly? 
  • What is working right NOW to launch books? 
  • How soon should you start promoting your launch? 
  • PLUS! Learn how to develop your own book launch checklist. 
The workshop will be held live on Wednesday, March 18th at 8pm CST, but you will also have access to the replay and any additional resources on the Teachery platform. 

Who Is Kirsten Oliphant? 

Kirsten Oliphant has an MFA in fiction and hosts the Create If Writing podcast. 

She is a sought-after speaker who has taught at a number of events such as Podcast Movement, Social Media Breakfast, Social Media Day, Blogher Food, Blog Elevated, and multiple local writing groups. 

She has self-published over a dozen books in multiple genres and under different pen names. Her goals are to make a full-time income as an indie author, writing books she loves. There may come a time where she traditionally publishes books as well, but plans to be firmly planted in the indie world. 

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